Saturday, January 12, 2013

Karaoke at a birthday

My girls always got many invitations to parties. In fact they still get them on a regular basis.

because my kids are fun to be with, know how to entertain people and are always in for a laugh other kids of their age, and those who are older and younger like them.

Yesterday one of the younger ones approached them and invited them over for a birthdayparty. But it was at a time they have to be at school, so they said: "No, sorry,we can't."

The girl was very disappointed and tried to make it more appealing for them to come.
"Maybe my dad puts the swimmingpool out".
I doubt if he ever will do that next week, temperatures of minus 7 are expected.
Then she said they would have the best cake.
And finally she told that they could sing as the first artists with the karaoke machine for kids.

The way she tried my kids into attending was so very sweet, but school is always the first.

But my girls promissed her to come around a few hours later and tell her a bedtime story on her birthday.
That was just the right thing to do.

All went home happy, but I had some tears in my eyes.


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