Sunday, January 13, 2013

In the museum

Today I visited a museum.
Nothing special except for the fact that about a hundred people wanted to go in at the same time.

Some people from the museum came outside with some crowd control posts and stanchion ropes.
They made an s-form with it and the people had to stand in line between two lines of ropes.
Worked well.

In a way they brought the feel of the museum outside.
The ropes were very elegant and stylish. They even made people feel calm.

But I think a museum should be better prepared for a sudden crowd on their premisses.
With those large touringcars transporting tourists, one might expect a sudden influx.

A few years ago I was at an ethnic museum.
Suddenly two large busses stopped and dropped two large crowds.

The owner invited half of the people to go with his assistant to drink a cuppa, and he took the others for a guided tour.
When he came back with them he gave them a cup of coffee and took the others for a guided tour.
It was all very relaxed.



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