Friday, January 25, 2013


The past week it has been freezing day and night, so it was not a surprise that ice skating fanatics talked about contests and other fun.

Today the national championships were scheduled.
I was not planning to watch them completely, but during the week more of the kids got ill and this morning it was clear we were more of a hospital than a normal home.

So there we were: on the couches watching the chanpionships.

I was working in between to transfer posts from the old to the new paper, but that didn't take away the special feel of the day.

Outside lots of snow, inside the heating on, sniffing noses and if it had been up to me lots of mugs with hot cocoa. But none felt like it.

It made me remember the days when the kids were little and not yet attending school.

We would make a day like this into special day with all kinds of seasonal cookies and other foods, wearing sjawls inside the house. The kids used to love that. Such little effort to make special memories...



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