Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was asked

I decided to leave the paper, but when I informed the people at the meeting one of them stood up and requested me to stay in such a way, that I said I would reconsider.

Then one of the boardmembers who wants to leave the paper the way it is arrived and he immediately looked quite disturbed when others told him what happened earlier during the meeting.

The new guy added to it becauase he said the same as I did about the very old fashioned site the oldies (let's call them that way) don't want to change: how can I get businesspeople to advertise there when it looks old-fashioned, dull and a mess?

We talked about changing ways of people, changing taste, and changing abilities op people.
We all know reading and calculatingabilities have declined due to using electronic devices. People don't read real literature as much as people did in the past, so why expect people to read the more difficult articles?
Maybe we should go more for content than for stylish elite writing?

Well, it was like we stuck and alligator into his throat. I really questioned if he had eaten something wrong. But it was only the idea that I would do the final editing.
They guy has something with not trusting women.
It makes me sick.

I've had good education and practice in that area, so it's no problem for me.
But he's one of those guys, you know..
And he's a bit autistic too. Just keep everything the same and when you won't move things stay the same way...

Well, we will have a board meeting soon and then the chance is large that he will be outvoted.

I sure will ask the new guy to replace him, go to one of the town's chairmen of businesspeople and step into the board too.

I think the whole paper should be reorganised into a modern business and, which surprised me, everybody except two want to move to a better location.


So the fight is still on.
But I think I've lost a dear friend on the way.
Not because I was unkind, but because he can't deal with women who do better than he does.

Men!!!! tttt....ttttt



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