Saturday, January 12, 2013

Computer problems solved

Last week I had some computer troubles.

When I downloaded some materials for scrapbooking the screen
It scared me to bits.

I shut down the system, restarted and scanned the computer completely.
Nothing was found.

But the computer was slow.
Deleting files didn't help.
Even worse, I realised that starting the computer was a lot slower too.
So I thought about ways to solve the problem, how to make my computer faster .

Under normal circumstances I call my son, who works in ICT, but he was at work.
So I found the solution on internet.

Just a few days later I turned on the tablet at work and... nothing happened.
After a few restarts it started, but stopped before it was loaded completely.
When I wanted to turn it off, nothing happened.

I called one of the other employees, he had a short look and laughed.
Turned out that the settings were not right.
Each and every program was started when I turned the thing on.
So working through the settings and closing all programs that were not used at the time solved the problem.

How do you deal with computerproblems?


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