Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas cards in january

In the past, when my gram was still alive, january was almost as interesting as december.

We used to celebrate three kings day in a special way, and only the day after removed the christmastree.

I was always very busy, because children could bring the tree to a special place and get a ticket for the lottery.
Befriended couples without children, old people I helped and shopowners were eager to get their tree removed too, and they would call me and ask me if I wanted the tree.
So all day I would fetch trees and bring them to the special place, where almost grown up boys would throw them on top of the pile.

In the evening we would first have the lottery, I never won, and then the pile was set on fire.

For most people that meant the end of the christmas season, but not for my gram and her family.

We would have a get together with the girls and women around the table at my gram's house and pile up all the christmascards we wanted to share.

First we had a look for doubles.
Most of the time we had quite a few.
Then we sorted out the ones we liked most.

The rest we put on a third pile.

From the doubles we took one of each kind and put them on the most liked pile too.

And then we started to make nice things of them.
Sometimes new cards for the next year, sometimes wintery scenes with cut out trees in front of the others, like the 3-d cards they have now. We made nice wall hangings, put them under glass of a tray and made lots of others things while chatting hours on end and drink tea and eat cookies.

Then we took it all, put it in boxes and brought them to the attick, so we could use it all next year.

Those were such wonderful times together.



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