Sunday, January 13, 2013

Changes are pending

Now my trainee is nearly ready with her training here it's time to evaluate her activities.
She's learned a lot and still has to learn a lot.
Her skills to write an article have improved. She delivers a better structure, still has problems to give the reader a feeling of following things chronologically, and she needs to describe things first before giving her opinion. If she needs to give one.

Her personal development was rapid and is clearly visible.
She wanted to be a war correspondent, but was unaware of the requirements.
She now knows she's not able to become one, that she doesn't want to work for a daily paper, and is unable to do some other things. But she knows better what she likes: writing for a magazine, interviewing people and writing movie-reviews.
At some points she needs a clearer self-insight. She still thinks she can work fulltime, but she's unable to make a clear distiction between work and personal life. According to me she should work parttime and have plenty of time to love life, deal with it and still have some relaxation too.

I'm amazed she can deal better with unexpected circumstances. But it's very important as a journalist to be able to jump on everything that's needed to jump on at the moment you can jump.

Her personal development has been huge.
More realistic self esteem, better ability to listen without involvment of her own opinion.

I think she will have a real hard time at a normal paper-environment, but with our paper there's time and place enough to give her the chance to develop at her own pace.

I'm grateful for that.

She'll leave at the end of the month... time for changes...



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