Sunday, January 13, 2013


You know that when you have bought something special you'll see it everywhere?
It's such a strange thing.
It's a kind of selected perception. Your mind is prepared because the item has made an emotional impression and then it's on the lookout for more.

Well, I've been singing in a background choir at the recording of an album.
I was very impressed by the high quality of sound the instruments recorded and the effects the digital mixers created that I noticed the name Aviom.

Yesterday I visited a friend who is a member of a band and he showed me around in his small studio.
Let's say it short: I noticed aviom at Musician's Friend.
So I said something about it and he told me about a recording he made a few years ago and that everything seemed to be allright when they left the studio and then the next day they were called by the producer. The whole recording needed to be done again, because the remix had created a disaster.
The cost of it was was so very high that the band agreed on buying their own sound studio.

I have to say that their records were so much better that I already noticed a difference in quality, even without knowing this story.

I was happy to be able to talk with him about this and learn even more.
i don't think I'll ever make my own record, but I'm very interested in the creation of them.


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