Sunday, January 13, 2013

Accepting a compliment

When I sat down in the waitingroom at the railwaystation I put my bag right beside me.
But when it got crowded there I put the bag on the floor.

I was sitting at the right side of a benchdivider.

Then a couple came in.
He was visually handicapped and sat down.
I moved to the right, so his wife could sit beside him, and invited her to sit down there.

"My legs are just fine, thank you." she said.
It didn't sound nice.

So I said to her that by no means I was implying she was unable to stand. I was only inviting her to sit down with her husband. I didn't criticise, I just meant well.

She sat beside me and didn't even move.
Then suddenly she started a nice conversation.
Apparently she wasn't able to apologize.

The same happens with people who are not able to accept a compliment.
They suddenly find themselves in an awkward situation which could have been prevented by saying "thank you" at the first place.


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