Sunday, January 13, 2013

A ring for him

One of the people who have been at the paper for ages is leaving.
He has done such an awful lot that he deserves a special present.

I don't know much about him, so I asked the others about his hobbies. he loves to read, but buying a book doesn't seem special.

So I looked at titanium rings. Some are as robust as he is, but are also a bit glamorous and have a a carved curve in it that makes the look softer, but not feminine.

I'm sure he'll like a lasting memory of so many years of hard work.
One of the rings I've seen, a laser cut striped designer titanium ring, is veery afforable and would be perfect. We have collected enough money to buy it, so I think I'll order the ring.

Now I have to find out his size.
I think I'll borrow a ring from a friend who has about the same size as he has.
Then I'll ask him to keep it for me because I don't want to loose it when I have it on my finger and I don't want to damage it in my bag.
When he puts it on his finger I can see if the size is right, too small or too large.

I hope this trick works.

Otherwise I'm not sure what to buy.
He lives alone, never shows an interest in anything special. So buying a ticket for theatre might be a big mistake.

The ring is the right option, or do you have some good suggestions?


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