Sunday, January 13, 2013

A nurse's outfit

One of my daughters is studying to become a nurse.
Part of her studies is training at the workingplace.

At the end of the month she'll start at an old people's home.
She has to nurse the elderly with medical problems.

When she had the first meeting they were impressed by the way she prepared herself and by her questions.
Turned out none of the students asked where they would get their uniform from.

I understand she wants to be sure there is a right size outfit for her. She's petite. Most of the time she has to buy far more expensive outfits than others.
But her mentor told her she would get cherokee scrubs cheap and in the right size. She was even offered a choice in trousers and tops, as long as she wears the colours of the department.

Her measurements were taken by the seamstress and she'll get a call as soon as her outfits are in.

Now she's looking forward to her training.
The first time people will witness her as a student nurse.


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