Sunday, January 13, 2013

A murder - 4

After the arrival of the van I was called.
My son told me that 6 vans were called to the area.

2 other policecars arrived, one of them clearly to coordinate something.

The vans started driving through the neighbourhood in such a way that people could see the police was available and present.
They were not on the look-out, just driving rounds.

In the meantime I was told that not the victim was the aim of the killers, but his brother.
He was released from prison just a short while ago after a sentence for killing a turkish man.
The people who had been going through the neighbourhood in the morning were turkish.
So I assumed they went through the neighbourhood in such a noisy way to have someone look out of the window of the house of the victim, and preferably his brother.

The first half of the evening we went nuts because of the cars that came through our street. Under normal circumstances 3 cars pass, when it's busy about 8. Not about 10 each quarter of an hour. Official policecars and who nows under covers too.

Then I got the news that 4 men had been arrested in a neighbourhood at the other side of the railroad. They were all family and acquaintances of the murdered man.
This put a different light on the theories, or maybe not. Maybe they had been shooting to tell the other party to stay away otherwise they would be shot. I don't know.

Some people were releived and said the killer had been arrested, but on TV the pressofficer said that the incidents were treated as different and independent incidents. No word about: we suspect one of killing.

So now we have to wait.
Maybe they'll have more to tell next week.
Maybe something will happen again.

There's no police on the streets, no surveillance.
It's as quiet as always on the streets, but people are afraid.

They were so afraid they didn't attend the funeral in case someone would use a gun.



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