Sunday, January 13, 2013

A murder - 2

The following day the police gave official information: the guy had died in hospital.

We think he was already dead when the ambulance left the scene. the enormous amount of blood on the pavement was carefully hidden behind screens, but there was no screen yet when my son took pictures. The accounts of people who had been there when he was found were clear too.

The police tried to minimise public attention. They managed to keep the news from the national papers because in a shooting incident at Amsterdam 2 people died. Later it turned out the people living near the shooting were instructed by the police to keep their mouths shut.
As I am living in the neighbourhood people accepted my presence and talked to me, even when I said i was from the paper.
I refrained from publishing inside information because I didn't want to stand in the way of the police.

Then...a few days ago, I heard lots of noise from that corner of the neighbourhood. The horn of a car and squeeking tires. It was 6.15 hours in the morning.
My son was awake too and we both looked at each other. "That's not normal!"
Three times the car went back, then it was silent again.

People had seen the car, but were too late to write down the number.

In the afternoon I came hoem from work and noticed the police looking at the street, like they were searching something.
A re-investigation that way in the area was stupid, because we had such a lot of rain that even bullets would have moved away from the scene.

At home I heard there had been a shooting just a few minutes ago.
Immediately I went there.
The police had been standing on the street and there had been youngsters in the street. Suddenly at two sides of the group of police shots were heard and then they jumped in a car and there was one shot from the car.
It was unclear if the police had been able to write down the number of the car and observe the youngsters to get a proper identification.

Nothing happened.

But it was like it signaled the people in the neighbourhood to shed off the instruction to be silent about it all.



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