Friday, December 14, 2012

Yoga supplies

To step outside daily routine I asked a friend if she could do with some help.
She owns a large studio and was painting the walls, putting new mirrors in, and doing all sorts of other things to make it look like new.

She was very happy to hear me on the phone.
we discussed the kids and then she asked me to come over and have a look at the renewed studio.

It looked wonderful.

All she needed was an extra balletbar and yoga supplies.

She thought a new shop in town would be the best to go to, but not after she had a close look on those supplies on internet.
That was a wise decision.

The new shop turned out to be very nice. But also very expensive.
We ordered a complete studio kit for 10 students from the site we found and then went for a cup of coffee.
We ended up sipping hot chocolate in front of an open fire, listening to christmasmusic and discussing a christmasmenu for her collegues from work.

I would love to do that every day.


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