Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We've won a cake!

Everybody knows I'm not lucky with winning contests and draws.
Apart from winning an enormous yellow suitcase two years ago, which has never been used, because I can't afford a vacation, I've never won anything else.
But, very stubborn, I keep entering contests and draws.
One dat that vacation to New York in a 5 star hotel will be mine, the cruise to antarctica, and even that spacejump. It's just a matter of waiting and waiting even more.

The bags with sweet, wellnessweekends, luxury beds, beadsboxes, jewelrychoices and al sorts of coupons just passed my eye, but didn't land on the doormat.
No mailman will get a backinjury because of the presents I win. Ever. I'm sure of that.

Today, today however, fate made a mistake.
Or maybe some weethearted cakebaker took pity or just was impressed by the way I wrote why we deserved a cake.
He hads out a cake a day to someone in the country and... today the cake is ours.

Me oh my!!
I almost jumped from joy.
As a matter of fact I had a smile from ear to ear for hours!!

So now we're going to wait for a cake to arrive.
As far as I've seen on their site there's a photo involved.

No problem.
The cake I won is for the girls.
I wrote I wanted to give them a surprise because they're so kind for their handicapped brother.

So ... it's showtime for them.



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