Friday, December 21, 2012

The teacher who called

One of the girls has to run today for a special cause.
The school supports another school in Africa and today a sponsorrun was on the program.

Preparations started a few weeks ago with training and asking people to be a sponsor.
My daughter took it very serious, but people don't have much money to spend on such a cause. She collected a fair amount, however.

This morning iI was busy cleaning the house when a teacher called: she wasn't at school. If we knew where she was.

I'm not of those people who panick immediately when something is the matter, but this time I started to worry straightaway.
She left home over an hour ago, where could she be?

The decision to try and call her was made very soon and within a moment we knew she was safe at school, standing in line to get her turn for the sportive event.

Because the teacher alarmed a few other pupils she decided to turn on her phone and answer a call immediately. She's not allowed to at school under normal conditions.
She said she already heard that the teacher was phoning parents, causing a lot of concern about the wellbeing of their schildren, whereas the kids in question were standing in line for or already participating in the event.
The teacher had forgotten this....



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