Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The car, a trip.

We were sitting in the livingroom, discussing the appointment we had at school at the end of the afternoon, when our second son came in.

He was all over the place.

Right at that time he should be on his way to Belgium with the family of friends.
One of the cars broke down and now they were short of transport, so....

Rain pouring down, low temps, but why refuse a kid what's needed?
Ofcourse his father said "no" at first.
But when we discussed his and our options it was clear: he should take the car, we would go by bus.

And so we did.
When we went to the busstation it was dry.
The rest of the time the rain opured down again and we could only be glad it was not icerain.

At school we didn't have to wait for our turn.
So that was a good thing.

The guy was nice withouty being overfriendly and giving us the feeling he was hiding something. (We always had that feeling with our former contactperson.)

He told our daughter that she had take the weights of the marks for het schoolwork more serious, so she wouldn't spend time and effort to tasks that wouldn't contribute much to her endresult.

I already told het so too, and he already said it in his lesson, so that was a trip that didn't add anything at all.

Lost time, lost money, and no gain.
We need't even have had our talk with our son about the car.

Well, we were glad to be at home. That was something!



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