Thursday, December 27, 2012

Singing at christmas

When I was young christmas was a very special event.
In fact it was the highlight of the year.
That was because we all sang in a choir.
Not the same choir, and that complicated things a lot.

In the afternoon of the 24th I had to sing in a sort of preparation service for the children. The children were told what happened before christmas and the story stopped where the real christmasstory began.

Then the kids were told then when they came to the shepherd's mass early in the morning, they were allowed to dress up.
A Catholic attempt to get them in church.
It worked well, I have to say that!

Late in the evening of the 24th my mother had to sing and after that my father had to either conduct the choir or sing himself, or do both.

Far after midnight we had a meal with all of us. I had sleepy eyes and was told to go to bed as soon as I had eaten something and had a cup of cocoa.
I had to be up and in church at 5.30 hours!

So at 6 we sang the shephers mass: me and my friends.

My mother sang at 11.00 hours and my father ànd mother, ànd I sang in the afternoon all those christmassongs we know so well.

Right after that my mom had an attempt at burning the christmasmeal, which made us long for the next day at my gram's.
Ofcourse we thanked our mom for a perfect dinner.... which might never come... and she was glad we were happy with it.

The second christmasday was much easier, with only my mother and father singing at the same time. I used to be with my gram and they would pick me up afterwards.

We watched a show at TV, or listened to Mario Lanza and ofcourse sang along.

Those were such happy christmasdays.....



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