Friday, December 21, 2012

She's eager to move

For many the christmasseason is a time to gather with the family and have a good time.
But for one of my friends it's a time for looking for a new house.

She's got a new job and needs to move.
So she's looking for houses for rent in fayetteville nc.

I would feel stressed, but she's relaxed and perfectly comfortable with the pending move.
She's found a good team of brokers who have offered her already a few good options.
Someone she knows from internet will have a look at the houses she likes, so she'll get a good idea what to expect before leaving everything she knows and moved into the unknown.

Her eagerness to start a new life is very inspirational.
We have our dreams and cherish them, but she puts her ideas for the future into practice and goes for it with all her energy.

Her children love her for that.
The older ones will stay and handle cleaning the old house and such.
The younger ones go with her and already enjou the prospect of a new school and meeting new people.

How would you feel?


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