Friday, December 21, 2012

She explained a lot

Yesterday I had an interview with a broker here in town.
She owns a wonderful house, with a large area to receive her customers, or "clients", as she prefers to say.

She explained a lot of what she needs to do for a living, and gave me a good insight in her online work.
"Here you can see the floorplan of the houses, she said and you can find the outer banks mls listings here ", she showed.
She also drives people to the houses they want to inspect, explains all about the financial aspects of buying a house.

She was such a vivid person that she got me really enthousiastic about her business.

Before I met her I thought people like her were all in for a good profit, but it turned out that her main priority is to enable people to find the house of her dreams.
I'm glad she freed me from some stereotyped thinking.

I wish we had a good location for the office of the paper.
She told me to come back with that very same wish when the recession is over.
Maybe... maybe...


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