Thursday, December 27, 2012


As expected the world didn't come to an end last week.
It would have been quite an event if it really had happened.

I don't know if I'd mind being involved in the greatest change on earth.
Ofcourse I would be worried about my children, family and friends, and I would mourn the lost lives of all those unknown people, but it would have been my death too.
After all I wouldn't have considered for even a moment that I would have been among the chosen few.

The world would be cleansed from all those with evil throughts, all those who rather believe others commit a crime than assume their innocense and act on that.
maybe the grease, radioactivity and all the other toxins would destroy the earth after all. Who knows.

We didn't get the end, we didn't get the snow at christmas.
But we got rain.

Lots of rain.

Flood warnings in the UK, just 15 cm below the top of the dykes here.
If it doesn't rain a bit more than expected.
Right now it's puring down again.
Wet raincoats pile up. Well, I don't pile them, I hang them in a row. But you get the meaning.

The ground is soaked, meaning the harvest of next year starts to be in danger.
And that's not the first year this last decade.

Maybe that's what brings us on our knees: lack of vegetables and fruit. Caused by the weather.

In America people are dealing with snowstroms, thunderstorms and hurricanes, we're told on the news.

But the days are lengthening: spring will come...eventually.



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