Thursday, December 27, 2012

My future.

My dream to be in London at the change of years won't become true this year.
Another year of dreaming has passed.

But we're planning more and more. Our ideas are crystalising into real plans.

My wish is to meet some wealthy developer who wants to work with me on an idea to make a very environmentally friendly house. Not only do I want to use as much natural light as possible, I also want just a little bit of waste, and I want the building to sink in the surroundings. I want to feel like I live in the middle of nature, and preferably I will.

It's great to think about it all. Reading a lot about what others did, thinking about what I want.
But I don't have the money and I need it.

So I'm also looking for a job that fits my family now.
I'm tied up at the paper until the second half of january, after that it's a moral tie.
With all those other people doing nothing it means that I will leave. I'm not their slave.
Already I have looked at temporary jobs, especially those at Dutch parts of UK businesses.
When the kids have moved out I will apply for whatever is available in the UK. Helping at a sheepfarm, binding flowers, teaching at a university, or being at a helpdesk of an insurance. I don't care at all. It should mean a step towards my own future. That's it.

It feels like going back to my roots.
Genetic roots.
Most kids, if not all, want to go too.

We plan to make a trip to Scotland at the beginning of 2014 to meet people who can help with realising our plans.
We need housing and such, jobs and all.

One way or another I have a very strong sense it all will happen.
Something will happen that will bring me to the place of my dreams.

I'm curious who it is and what will happen.

Untill then I work hard to realise my plans.



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