Thursday, December 27, 2012


The girls had a party and they didn't feel like going.
There's far too much to do this vacation and they planned enough funny things.
But as always, their friends asked them and they went.

When they came back they were all happy and full of stories.
At the party was a terrific karaoke machine.
At first they didn't want to sing, but friends went and they didn't want to stay behind.
They had the best time ever.

My experience with karaoke machines is from a couple of years ago.
It was at a party too.
The machine displayed the texts far too slow, so it was more of a hum along than a sing along.
As I had been in a band I knew quite some songs, but most of them were not available on the machine.
So I was glad to be at home again.

The girls would have gone back straightaway though, they've had so much fun.

When they were young they went to a church nearby and applied for the choir.
They were accepted.
Then they told us. LOL!
It was quite interesting that they made such a huge step just to sing.
But that's what talent does in our family.
It's the same as with ballet.
One of the girls is talented, but she's got the persistence too.
she can go over and over a difficult exercise just as long as it takes to get it perfect.

And perfection is what she brings during performances.
But that's another blogpost.



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