Thursday, December 27, 2012

I feel ashamed

This year I felt rather ashamed to wish people a merry christmas.
There's so much going on in this world that has nothing to do with peace.

Researchers found out that the most rows in families are at christmas.
Those days people have to be together by tradition and not by free will, and that makes people feel uncomfortable, protesting and thus arguing starts easily and can hardly be stopped.

On a larger scale: there's still war everywhere in the world.

many people are concerned about Syrea, because the media are able to report about it, photographs included.

But almost nothing comes out of Tibet and how the people there are treated worries me most.
Children can't go to school unless it's in the chinese language and culture.
People can't follow the rituals of their religion, can't even buy their traditional clothes anymore.
It's a huge concentration camp, worse than in WW2.

All I can do is speak out against it.
My blog will be blocked again by those in change there.

So freedom of speech for all is just a dream.
Peace is just a dream.

Those who have the courage to speak out against injustice are hunted down.

I wish people would work more together to bring a better life to all.
Take for instance America. How the democrats are fought against by those who only care for their own wellbeing. They are against higher taxes, but they won't compromise for a better share of wealth for all.

That's what this world is about.
And I feel a shamed about it.

Is that strange?



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