Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guitars in my life

My dream has always been a top prs acoustic guitar.

Not because I was such a great player, but because a friend was exceptionally good at playing guitar.
After I left my shyness in the past, he used to accompany me when I was singing.
We made a good team. No matter what I sang, he made it sound perfect.

He taught me a few things on the guitar.
Then I bought one myself, well adviced by the local guitar dealer.
It was a beautiful one, great sound, but I never bothered to look which brand it was.
As long as I could play and sing I was happy.

Beside school, ballet and work not too much time was left to practice, but even when I had only two minutes I used that time.
So gradually my playing improved.

Then we went with a group of young people on vacation to the beach.
We rented a small house, cooked together, and had fun during the evenings.
Then my friend arrived, with his guitar.
He looked at me, but i didn't respond as i didn't want to sing in front of that bunch of critical people.

It was late that evening when he started to play.
Just some background music while the others were talking.
But gradually people fell silent and the music got more in the centre.

Then he payed my favorite song and soon I hummed along.
I forgot everybody around me and without even realising I sat there singing and enjoying his music.

That performance was one of my best.

Now my daughter plays the guitar.
A very cheap one, but she plays well.
Maybe one day she'll have a good one and feels confident enough to share er music.
It sounds so very well.



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