Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flea Circus

The other day I was watching TV when a scene about a flea circus was on.
The kids liked it, but I remembered a far more elaborate scene.
The past days it has been on my mind, and I started to wonder slightly if I'd romanticised the whole thing.

Then today I heard some famous music, watched and there it was: the flea circus from my childhood.

It turned out I remembered every single tiny move.
Absolutely wonderful.

The whole scene was acted so well that I again started to believe real animals were there to perform. LOL!

I pity people who can't remember things like that from their childhood.
I won't say things were better then (oh yes, they were), but the phantasy of children was used far more than nowadays. Or should I say: in a different way?

TV programs nowadays are so fast that one forgets right at the moment what's going on.
In the past we had one hour of children's TV on saturday and afterwards we tried to reenact the whole program.

The friend of my sister was good at organising and when we had our acts ready she made kids pay five cents to sit in our garden and watch our show.
We all kept a cent a visitor and faterwards went to the shop to buy two sweets, as we used to get ten cents a person for our show.

Yes, the rewards was as tiny as the fleas in the flea show, but so much more real and very sweet,


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