Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today a new memo from the friend of the paper arrived.
It was negative and on the border of insulting to people who work at the paper.
He wanted "capable" people.

The whole negative attitude and the way he looks down on others, including me, makes me wonder what has happened to the guy who respected people, had a degree of wisdom and who certainly cherished his friends.
His note sounded like he's become a grumpy, selfcentered and bitter old man.

He also asked if people had done their tasks in such a way that it made me feel angry.

So I wrote him a letter back stating he shouldn't complain, but start to be active himself.

The way he deals with things makes me want to quit.
It takes all the energy out of everything.

So more and more I think it's best to take the online paper and move out with it.
I think that working with the shopowners of the streets nearby will enable the online paper to thrive. Especially after the recession. LOL!

Dealing with the online paper without him makes me feel energetic, full of initiative and in the middle of town.

So in my mind I'm already forming a new team.
The student will stay with me. So will my sons.
With a few more people and a large financial injection all will be well.



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