Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas market

We suddenly realised it was the last day of the German christmasmarket in the borderarea.
We went laSst year and had a good time, so we said we wanted to go this year too.

But in all the huzzle and bustle of daily life at the begiing of december we forgot.

One of our sons asked if we wanted to go with him and his girlfriend and we did.

The large market was a disappointment.
Maybe due to the weather. It was raining, the paths were terribly muddy and still slippery with large bumbs with iced snow, and it was still light.

The choir which was supposed to bring happiness and joy was awfully nervous and didn't have any volume at all.

We had a cup of warm wine, which was delicious, had a look around and went.

On our way we saw two other markets, so we wanted to go there.
We passed one with about 2 or 3 stalls before we knew it, and then went to a small village where they had some stalls in a very small street.

It took ages to find a place to park, due to all regulations, but we managed to find something, only to discover the marketpeople were packing their stuff.

But... we saw lights in a churchlike building and decided tyo have a look there.
We were welcomed by warmth and light, nice smells and lots of stalls with wonderful items for almost no money.

It was marvellous!

I got many ideas for velted hats, saw lots of of jewelry and..we even bought a few things.

Two glass stars, one kind of snowy white, one a bit smaller dark blue.
And for the dollshouse I bought a handmade well for just a few euro's and got a gift package with it which was as expensive as the well itself.
The people where so very nice.

Then I saw some pendants and I love them. Just transparent raisin with a little flower inside. Just a few euros. But so very lovely!
The woman was gathering a few things and forgot to take a bead, so I gave it to her.
Sje was very nice and started to talk with us about being bussy and loving to make bracelets.
I said I loved making them too and that my daughter was even more of an artist. If she was allowed to come over and have a look?
She was enthousiastic and told she gave one-day-courses for 3 to 4 people, teaching them to make beads, bake them and create something with them.

So I know what I'm blogging for the next few weeks.

My daughters are so kind for their autistic brother that I think they deserve something special. A belated birthdaypresent.

Sponsors will be welcomed. :)

They didn't get much for or boxing day, so a decemberpresent for them would be perfectly right.

Maybe that's even the best of that market: it gave me a bit of the christmasspirit, the wish to make the house all christmassy and make all people around me happy.



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