Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Carols

1) What's the first holiday song that comes to mind?

A carol my grandfather wrote.

2) Are you sending cards (either by postal service or email) this year? If so, have they gone out yet?

Yes, a couple. But just a few.
I always write them the weekend before christmas.
The email ones will be out today.

3) Can you see any holiday decorations from where you're answering these questions?

Yes. A small felt angel hanging in front of a red felt snowstar. Very nice.
It's dangling just before me.

4) Do you wrap gifts in paper or take the gift bag route?

Well, our gift event has been at december 5-6.
We did wrap the small gifts we had this year. But don't speak about it.
It makes me feel sad and small, because lack of money dictated our ways of celebrating Sinterklaas.

Christmas is without presents in our country, just plain christmas.

5) The holidays are an important fundraising time for charities. Here's an opportunity to do a shameless plug for your favorite. What organization or cause do you wish got more support at the holidays, and all year around?

At christmas I always feel a lot of compassion with the homeless. Imagine living on the streets, being cold, and seeing all these warm bright livingrooms behind those windows, with people opening bottles of wine and eating special food.
It makes me melancholic of our relatively richer days, so imagine when you're in need.....

6) Andy Williams was famous for his family holiday specials. What TV family would you most like to spend Christmas with?

Didn't know christmas was about TV.

7) The holidays are a big time for travel. Where did you go on your first airplane flight?

I was 12. To Birmingham England. I loved it.

8) Does the weather have an impact on your mood?

Under normal conditions, no. But when christmas is almost there and those days are as dark and rainy as they are now... well, I have to fight to keep positive and bright.

9) Snack time! You're about to make yourself your favorite sandwich. What ingredients do you need?

It depends. Now I like everything with cinnamon. So give me something with that and I'm ok.
What about applepie instead of a sandwich???

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