Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boots 2012

I didn't have boots.

It hasn't been a problem for years, but this year it was.

Walking for about half an hour each day to and fro the office means going through the filthy streets of town under all weather conditions.

So when the first batch of snow fell I made my mind up while my socks got wetter and my feet colder: I will buy boots.

But looking in the leaflets and shopwindows made my heart shrink.
Me oh my, those boots were so expensive!
Even the old fashioned rainboots were about 20 euro.
Let alone real leather boots or those with the new materials that prevent moisty feet.

I looked around some more, but gave up.
My old shoes would be my footwear this winter. "Let's hope it won't be freezing.", i thought.

Then, when shopping for vegetables and other cheap products in a large supermarket in Germany I saw boots.
At first I didn't even look at them, but then the price caught my eyes. 12 euro.
"Can't be anything", I thought.
But I'm so curious! So very curious!

I had a look, fitted one.... fitted the other and then I was sold... eh.. the boots were sold.

Great fit, warm, modern breathing material, and when walking the top didn't rub my leg to pieces.

At home one of the girls took an interest, fitted them and wanted them too.

The other girl...

I was so happy those legs were girls' only!

So now we have three pairs standing in the hall.
Two of the same size, but with another footbed, and one smaller pair.

And on top of it: this winter breaks all records of rain... rain and rain.

My feet are still dry... well, except after a shower.

Lucky me!



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