Thursday, December 27, 2012

Awards for moms

Moms should get trophies and medals for everything they do.

So, that's said.

Myd ays are filled with caring, cleaning, organising, cooking, and a lot of other things ordinary momes do.
On top of it I'm a caregiver of an autistic person and a volunteer worker with people with special needs at a paper.

We don't have corporate awards at the paper. We should have.
My patience has outgrown my ego.
Well, that's not a real problem, as I don't have a huge ego. Anyway.
I would have won the corporate award. I guess I would have organised it myself.

For the collegues, when they ever read this: order the acrylic pointed one. I like that one best. And it arrives within two days, so you'll hand it over before the new year. Yes?

My son can give my an award of his own choice. He's got great taste. I've been fighting for his wellbeing for over 20 years now and it has far extended beyond changing nappies and breastfeeding. The battles with school, and all sorts of people who know best and don't know anything, hasn't been stopped yet.
I guess this week will bring another invitation to make him work at a regular job, whereas he hardly leaves the house. Now we've got the new diagnosis, displaying an IQ 20 points lower than the former one. Will this bring them to their senses? Or should I bring an award with me and put it firmly on the table.
They think I'm nuts and stupid. Am I?
Well maybe I am. But in the good way.

Leaves the award for being a fulltime mom, without pension, so the nearing days of old age won't be much more than what live has to offer now.
Maybe I should take that evening smile for an award.

That makes me rich.



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