Monday, December 10, 2012

A personalised baseball bat as a gift

It's the month of gifts and happiness.
Unlike some other countries here in The Netherlands we celebrate our day of gifts at the beginning of the month.
Our Santa Claus is called Sinterklaas, en he leaves his gifts at the homes of people during the night from december 5th to december 6th.
Christmas is more of a get-together around some nice food and drinks, and is ofcourse about peace in the world, and the original christmas story.

But finding out which gifts kids and grown-ups want is the same in all countries.
This year it was not easy, because we don't have much money to spend.
But I started in time and found something nice for each of the kids.

A friend had an easy time for his son.
The boy wanted a bat to add to his collection of personalized baseball bats.
What a perfect idea!

It was just a pity he expected the bat, instead of not knowing what to expect at all, as is a rule in our family.
So we ordered the bat online, made a fake present which was much smaller and arranged things in such a way that he thought he surprised us with a visit and he saw the present without his father wanting him to.
It took quite some muscle power to keep our smiles away from him, but it worked.
He nagged for over a week about wanting to know what he would get. LOL!

So when he finally got the most perfect bat for his collection he was all over the place. He was so enormously surprised!

Isn't december a wonderful month when you're full of ideas?



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