Thursday, December 27, 2012

A friend and some last minute ordering

There's always something to do before the new year's celebrations take place.
I'm always happy to jump in and arrange things even though we have a sober new year ourselves.

A friend is organising a huge happening in a town nearby and he mailed me for some assistance.
He's seen a bogner at Musician's Friend and wanted me to order a guitar amp.
I asked him why I had to do it, as it's so very easy to do.
He didn't know why.

So I invited him over as it would save him a lot of time and effort to know how to order his musical equipment himself.

He came in a huge black stationcar. Me oh my, I would have dressed in eveninggown if I'd know that! Half the street jumped from their coaches to have a look.

I asked him if he wanted a welcoming committee with a bagpiper. LOL!

Well, I explained to him how to order things online and he was a smart student.

Then we sat down and he told me about the new year's concert he's organising.
The bands he has invited are on the top-20 and I can't mention the names of the solo-singers here, because it's a benefit and he agreed their names wo'n be used in any way.
But boy, wish I had no family and could go.

We've had a good talk about a musical I've seen recently, going through some technical aspects and my opinion that the main part should hev been given to someone else. he agreed completely.
And then it was time to say goodbye for the last time this year.



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