Friday, November 16, 2012

The man and the trumpet

The past week it was remembrance day in a few countries.

It always makes me remember the time I was young, and a member of the band.
I playes a small flute with a few friends, but the man who played the trumpet was the only trumpet player we had.

He needed to exercise a lot and when we got the request to play at a formal event he even exercised more. He also got lessons, because he had to play "The last post", a famous solo which should be played to perfection.

When he was about to pay it, we all were nervous, but he managed to do it well.
So well he lost the mouthpiece of his trumpet when he went home. I don't know how, but he did. He was ever so sad.

I forgot about it, until last week I saw a blessing trumpet at WWBW.
I was enjoying my time at the site looking for a flute headjoint.

It made me wonder if the moutpiece of the trumpet of this man has ever been replaced.

His son lives nearby, so I asked him.

He said his father never did, because he wanted to remember his last performance, which went so well.
Talking a bit more it turned out his father was about to celebrate his birthday.
I told him that a new mouthpiece can be bought without problems and that maybe a silver one would be a nice present.
He can always decide to keep it as a nice piece for himself or use the trumpet again.

The new mouthpiece is on it's way to his house now.
I wonder what will happen.


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