Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The blister

I didn't pay much attention to the burnmark of yesterday.
Just kept it cool.

At the office my mind was taken from everything else than from what needed to be done.

I tried to phone the teacher of my intern, but she was not available.

Did loads of other things and then hurried home.

At home I put on other trousers, not realising they were a bit rough on the inside.
When I sat down I felt a large blister pulled open! Auch.

I didn't even know there was one on my leg. Stupid, not to look more often.

We never have silver bandaids, never. Except for now. We bought a package in the sales last week out of curiosity.

Now I could cover the burning wound with it.
I know it's better to dry the wound in the air and leave it like that.
But it's on my upper leg, in touch with my trousers all the time, so...

My mind was taken of it by all the stories about Paris my daughter told us.
She's had such a good time!
She had a great time with the group. No bullying ot anything else. Everyone was on time for the bus, etc etc.

She didn't buy a souvernir from the Eiffeltower though, and she regretted it a bit.

Until my best friend came and gave her one as a pendant. LOL!

We all had a good laugh.



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