Friday, November 23, 2012

Suede shoes

I saw at that suede shoes are in fashion again this winter.

It immediately made me remember the suede shoes my gram gave me when I was about 12.
They were made of patches of different colours of brown, beige and black, and were the most comfortable shoes I've ever had.

Now many shops don't present individual items in their wintercollection, but present concepts, it makes me feel I want to work in the garden for one last time this year and redo the livingroom, to create a warm, brownish winterstyle.
A kind of rustic countryfeel is OK for me.

Some of my friends will smile when they read this.
The past years I've enjoyed the bright and shiny summery colours, and after I decided it's my house and it doesn't matter what people think, I've used them freely whenever I wanted.

The kids loved it.
Coming home into a world of almost festive creativity is great for kids.
Their friends said they loved it here because at their home they felt gloomy and bored in the livingroom, like they were visiting their grandparents. Haha. My gram was not boring at all, so maybe they will be surprised when they look past the dull colours.

I don't think refurnishing the livingroom and using brown and beige will result in a dull room. Not here. I'm sure bright red will be the accent colour, brightening up the room and intensifying the brown colours to give them a warm feel.

I have to wait a long while though.
With a girl starting her studies next year and one almost half a year in nursing school we need every little coin we have.

But times will change, and it's never too early to dream.



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