Saturday, November 17, 2012

She's in Paris

One of the girls left for Paris yesterday morning.
Well, I'd rather say: yesterday night.
The bus left before 6.

It was very cold when we drove to school. Unlike another school we know well, this school stays closed, so people have to wait outside.
We were lucky that the bus arrived well before time, and the teachers wanted them all to enter as fast as possible. Maybe because they were feeling cold too.

She'd looked forward to this trip very much.
The group differs a lot from the former one. The kids are a lot nicer.
She sat down in the upper part and within no time one of the boys took the seat before here and there were both talkign with the other classmates.

They hardly had time to wave goodbye.

We went home and tried to sleep a bit before the daily activities took over.

The drive to Paris costs 6 hours. So in order to have plenty of time there, they went early. The first night will be spent at an hotel. Then they'll have a full day, and at 24.00 hours they'll go home again. They'll try to sleep in the bus.

The teachers who accompany them are very nice.

I hope they're going to have a good time.


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