Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My gram's birthday

What a pity my gram died a long long time ago, otherwise we would have had a good party with her tasteful cake.

Now I celebrated in my mind.

She was such a wonderful gram. I wouldn't have become the person I am without her.
She taught me a lot, from cooking potaties to singing.
She used to be an actress for part of her musicals.
Our family had their own men's choir and they practiced a lot at her home.

So music was something that belonged to life. Great!!

Well, today I wanted to do some shopping and couldn't find my shoes.
2 years ago the boys could make a choice from a short list of products for christmas, and one fo them didn't find something nice for himself and offered to order the n-ikes for ladies for me.
I wear them often en with pleasure. They have their own place to stay overnight.

This morning I couldn't find them...

Almost everyone here at home looked around.
In the evening they were still lost. They were not behind, in between, on top, or under whatever they could be with.

I started to feel utterly stupid. Where did I put them? Not t\at the usual place, not....

Then it was about 23.00 hours.
Some were already asleep.

None entered the house through the front door anymore after the last one came in and didn't see the shoes either.
I started to think I must have put them in the bag with second hand clothes that went away last monday...but i was wearing them tuesday, so that was a stupud thought.

Near midnight I gave up.
When I went to close the front door for the night, the shoes were standing in the middle of the hallway.




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