Friday, November 2, 2012

Key Largo

1) This song was inspired by the Bogart/Bacall movie of the same name. Do you have a favorite Humphrey Bogart film? Which one?

No. Not a Humphrey Bogart one.

2) Where do you rent movies? (...)

Don't rent.

3) Have you ever been to the Florida Keys?

No. I don't live in the USA.

4) According to government statistics, more than half the people who currently live in Florida were born in another state. Were you born in the state where you currently live?

I'm not american.
But I live at the same town where I was born.

5) To be honest, Crazy Sam really hates this week's featured song. (Hear it here.) Do you like it? Loathe it? Or are you unfamiliar with it?


I start to feel a bit left out in this meme...

6) Local authorities in a suburb of Sydney blasted Barry Manilow songs into a neighborhood park to keep "hooligans" away after dark. Is there an artist or song that would make you run in the other direction?


7) Two of the most common fears are going to the dentist and speaking in public. Do either of those really get under your skin?

I like the dentist as long as he stays out of my mouth. LOL!
I love speaking in public.

8) We're having burgers. What do you want on yours?

Pff...burgers. It's not our national food. I don't particularly like burgers.

9) Here's your chance to do a shameless plug -- What charity or cause do you wish got more support?

Well, our paper needs a financial injection, so....

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