Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally something social

The paper runs on donations and advertisements.
This was OK in the past, but now with the recession and with shops going online with a site of their own, it's starting to become a huge problem to get enough money.

Things have changed at the paper.
Now my friend is back I've withdrawn from some activities and I'm concentrating far more on teaching.
Now and then I take care of some officework, just because no one else does.

But as always with volunteer work, doing one thing means you're asked for a hundred.

So no one takes care of the acquisition and people look my way.

Let's say I decided to look in the same direction.

I'm not going to work far too much while others sit there waiting with folded arms, leaning comfortably in their chairs.

One way or another they didn't get the message that I can't do and won't do it all.
One picked up that it's not up to the ladies to make the coffee, but that was it.

Well, today someone finally saw the light and made the others aware that they should do something too. Wow!

Up to now just one person replied.

But with the writer of the mail it's two.
That's a start. isn't it?


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