Monday, November 12, 2012


I thought we were way beyond bullying, but alas.

One of the girls came home from school and told about some ugly remarks made after she gave a speech about autism. She ended with: "autism can't be seen from the outside."
One of the boys said: "but it can be seen with you."

There were more incidents of that kind.

Remarks like these don't really upset her, as she knows it's the problem of those people and not her. But she takes the space to be herself and expects respect.

She went to one of the teachers and reported the bullying.
The teacher had a talk with her and...adviced her to go to a social worker or a psychologist.
My daughter made clear she's not the problem and she doesn't have a problem, but the person who is bulling does have a problem.

I wrote a letter to school and we got an invitation to talk.

The teacher was...

She asked us how we wanted to solve the problem.
She didn't listen at all.

She was not able to tell us if the school uses a program against bullying (how well prepared she was!), but she didn't deny it.

I tried to get a repy from the schoolboard about it and from their repy it was clear they didn't want to admit they have none.

When we were talking about something else I suddenly said to no one: "Isn't here a person that takes complaints about bullying?"
The teacher jumped on it and acknowledged that there is no bullying program.

When we went home we were not happy about the way the school deals with bullying.
Time to collect complaints and make things change.




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