Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday 2012

Another birthday of the twins.
They're 17 now.
Nice young ladies, with a bright smile, good sense of humor, and a sound opinion of the world around them.

It's the first time they're not waking up in the same house on their birthday.

It was still night when we prepared to fetch one of them, who came back from a schooltrip to Paris.

When the door of the bus opened she jumped out and embraced her sister, congratulating her.
Everybody was watching and one of the teachers said he liked the way they're twins.
Very independent, but at times a unity.

When we went home we heard lots of stories about Paris.
She likes the city.
When it was 00.00 hours of her birthday they were all in the bus and everybody sang her birthdaysong.
Two of the teachers had bought her a nice embroidered T-shirt.

At home she was so sleepy we said she'd better go to bed, and we all did.
In the afternoon we shared birthdaypresents, ate cake and did all the traditional birthday things.

We agreed that inviting friends over will follow this week or the week after, depending on school.

So it was a strange and quiet birthday. But a nice one.



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