Friday, November 30, 2012

Beer Barrel Polka

1) Have you ever danced the polka?

Yes, several times at balletperformances. And I loved it.

2) Frankie Yankovic was a stellar accordion player. What instrument have you mastered, or would like to learn?

I'm not going to write them all down, but I play many instruments, ranging from flutes, guitar, organ to the highland bagpipes.

3) When Frankie died in 1998, his obituary proclaimed him as "America's Polka King." Lucille Ball was "The Queen of Comedy" and Michael Jackson was "The King of Pop." What royal title do you deserve?

Queen of wishes.
Most of them never come true.
They become more modest in time, but some will stay until the end.

4) Do you like light beer?

I almost never drink.
I don't like it particularly.

5) In 1901, daredevil Annie Taylor successfully went over Niagara Falls in a barrel. She was badly bruised but otherwise fine. How much money would it take for you do to do something that dangerous?

Well, the costs of traveling there are already quite high, so cover them and a trip to Nepal.

6) When was the last time you visited a pet store?

Years ago, when the kids were still small and liked rabbits.

7) What's your favorite salad dressing?

Some sweet mayonaise.

8) Sam Winters is crazy about her smart phone. She uses it to take pictures, record videos, listen to tunes, answer emails and surf the net and, oh yeah, she even uses it to make calls. How indispensable is your mobile phone in your day-to-day life?

I can call with it, receive calls and that;s almost it. The cost was about 30 euros. That says it all, doesnt it?

9) "Kocham ciÄ™" is "I love you" in Polish. Can you say "I love you" in a language other than English (and Polish)?

Yes: Dutch, German, French, Swedish and probably a few more.

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