Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Young people protected by law

I don't know how the laws are in other countries, but here young people are protected against heavy lifting by the law.

The other day I was in one of the supermarkets, when my eyes caught a girl trying to lift a box with elements for a wooden wardrobe. Whatever she did, she wasn't able to get it in the space that was made for it.
She blocked the way of many people who wanted to leave the shop. After a few remarks that she needed to hurry an her reaction that she wanted to be able to give more space people left through one of the other shopping paths. No one lifted a finger to help her.

So we tried, but the box was too heavy.
One of the boys came to help, but all he could do was shift it, with our help, aside. He couldn't lift it on the shelf.

The showowner came and started to criticise the youngsters.
He was unkind.

I stepped forward and told him that there was no reason at all to deal with these young people this way. Perhaps he could show them how they could do their job properly.
I smiled: "perhaps they need a good rolemodel."

The guy tried and I think he stretched a muscle too far.

I stood straight in front of him and told him that by law these kids could only lift so many kilo's and that he should be reported for violating the law. This work should be done by a liftcar.
I told him we would keep in contact to see if the requirements of the law were met, otherwise we would report him and his shop.
In his presence I called all the young kids together and told them about the law, and that the rules were to protect their health. And eh...would they be a bit kind to their boss. He stretched a muscle in a very bad way.

A few days later he had a small forklift standing in front of the shop, and offered me a box with bonbons.
I rejected the box and told him to give them to the kids in his shop.
"Good for bonding, those kids wanted to harm their health to please you."

Inform yourself about the laws when you're going to work somewhere.



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