Friday, October 12, 2012

Do it well

The last days to prepare gardens and other outide items for the winter have come.
It's getting colder.
In fact we switched the heating on a few times already.

This morning I saw the councilworkers prune the trees and shrubs near the road.
I was surprised, because I thought those trees should be pruned in spring. But maybe it doesn't matter.

They started cleaning the large swimmingpool yesterday.
Today I saw the repaircrew walking in and out.
Because the pool is used to often en by such a large number of people they need specialised repair done.
I also saw them carying pentair pool parts. The best equipment and parts, so the council is investing in the swimmingpool, against what the local TV suggested.

A wise decision, because health and safety are important issues.

Last year in one of the other towns a huge lamp fell of the hold at the ceiling above the swimimingpool. A child died and the mother survived, barely.
It feels like our local council learned a lesson and implies it at the moment: use good parts and use well trained personell.


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