Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Testweek again

This week is a testweek at the schools.

Now it's the turn of the girls to go through that I'm still a bit of amazed how they deal with it.
The boys always needed a lot of support, waking up and other involvement of "mom". They also had to deal with the stress involved and often launched complaints about the difficulty of the questions.

The girls just accept what they have to do and even enjoy being tested.
They feel they can show off what they have learned, and experience, because of that, less stress. Or deal with it in a complete different way.

Instead of waking them up ten times each day, and telling them it's really, really time to leave home, they like it when I sit down with them afterwards and listen to what they have to tell.

In a way and in that way, this week is an extension of the autumn vacation: no lines in front of the bathroom in the mornings.

For one of the girls it's the final year, so her tests are very important.
Everybody takes that into account, except... one of her teachers.

She was supposed to send some paperwork before the autumn vacation, but it didn't arrive until this week. The pupils who prepared for the testweek during the vacation were very disturbed and they decided to file a complaint. because it's the final year they can do it, because the teachers need to deliver their part far in time.

Let's see what happens. This school can't deal well with criticism, as we have seen so often before...


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