Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stable mounts make a difference

The hurricane that is approaching the United States and in fact hitting New York forced friends out of their houses.
They had to take all of her furniture upstairs and had to seal photoalbums and important paperwork.

She couldn't take everything upstairs, so she had to use whatever was available to get equipment and other items higher.
We discussed her buying peerless mounts for her musical instruments.
Now they came in handy.
She didn't have her TV installed on them yet, but a neighbour helped her this morning and they installed the TV, covered it in plastic and sealed it.
Now it's high near the ceiling, so probably safe.

For a short while she considered to stay in the house, but she had to take into account that her children need to be safe too, so they left.
They're with family now, probably watching the same TV station as I am.

well, at least she can be sure the damage will be minimal.



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