Thursday, October 18, 2012


I can only imagine how many people are ill or under the weather this autumn vacation.
The strange changes of weather, from cold to 20 degrees cencius, from terribly dry to very humid, are tearing down the physical resistance of people and the results are devastating.
Just before the vacation about 25% of the classmates of the kids were ill.

I think the way the schools and businesses recycle air is also due to the high number of ill people. Many buildings have closed windows, which can never be opened. The airconditioning reacts to outside temperatures, but they change ever so often. Filters clean the air and re-use it.
Even though they say it is healthy, it sounds nasty.

And maybe it is.
Science hasn't identified everything that's in the air and it's far from known what affects our health.
So maybe we're creating a lot of illness ourselves.

I have to say I've felt far better when I left working at the university.
I loved my work and I would jump on the occassion to work there again, but what the building does to people? They've got stuffed noses, tearing eyes, etc etc.

The past days I've been sneezing a lot.
My family often bursts out in laughter, as I'm not known as a sneezer.

I've felt under the weather the past week, so I guess I've had the autumn flu, as we call it here.
Soon they'll start those flushots again.
Too late??


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