Saturday, October 6, 2012

Preparing for my old age

Through the years I've been aware that eventually old age will come and burden me with stiff muscles, bad eyesight and a slow mind. Oh, and a thin skin.
I never worried about it.
But now the recession has hit our country, and many more, I've started worrying about those last years of my life.

I have to make some imnportant decisions that will influence the way I will live during those years.
Ofcourse I'll get a small pension, enough to stay alive and not enough to do anything funny.
So maybe I have to have a close look at annuities.

It seems a good idea to arrange a regular monthly income that will enable me to travel a bit, eat something nice once in a while and buy something nice for myself, my children or grandchildren.

The subject of annuities is not something that should be decided on without further information and thorough knowledge.
One of my worries is that I won't be able to invest in them, or in other words accumulate enough money, to generate a nice income.
We're struggling financially quite a lot at the moment, and almost all the money goes to the children. That's how it should be.

So I have to think a lot about this... a lot!


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