Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paris yes or Paris no.

One of the girls got a letter from school, inviting her to go on a trip with her classmates to Paris.
She's in her final year, so this would be the last trip with her friends.
She was very eager to go, but only if the majority of her group would go too. She was not keen going there with people she hardly knows. I can understand that. When she passes her exams she will never see them again.

So she got our permission and then she waited with handing in the form.
She wanted to be sure no classmates would stay at home.

When she finally handed in hers she was told the buss was full and she might not be able to go.
Ofcourse she was not very happy with this. Which is an understatement.
She went to the person responsible and he said he agreed with her: they should have a larger buss.

Now we're waiting... and waiting...

Is she going to paris or not?



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